Madeira images of nature - Serra de Agua

Serra de Agua, often written as Serra d"Agua, is the only village on the road from Ribeira Brava in the South of Madeira towards Sao Vicente in the North.
It is set in the middle of the evergreen woods. The green environment, mountains and valleys allow for beautiful images of nature.
You can decide to use the tunnel but if you prefer to see some magnificent nature, then you should turn left in Serra de Agua and take the mountain road that passes Encumeada.
Along this road you will also pass the Poussada dos Vinhaticos, a small hotel set at a height of 640 meter. The mountain hotel is the prefered choise of hikers who want to explore the many levadas in this area.
The next photos (except the ones of Serra de Agua) were taken within 100 meters from the Poussada and offer a good impression of the beatiful nature in this exceptional region of Madeira.

See also the Photos of Encumeada that can be find on the same road.

Viesw towards the sea View on the Pico do Galo
The village in the valley Agapanthus Exceptional view
Poussada dos Vinhaticos At the back side of the hotel
Towards Ribeira Brava The Pico Grande Walkway way green scenery
Igreja Matriz - Serra de Agua The main road of the village  

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