Madeira rural accommodation
Holiday homes and apartments

Madeira Rural is a non-profit association for the promotion of rural tourism on Madeira and Porto Santo.
They provide an excellent alternative to regular touristic hotels.
Renting a villa, an apartment or a room ensures a stay on Madeira in direct contact with the the islands beautiful nature.
Madeira Rural offers several accommodations types :

  • Charme hotels, away from mass tourisme
  • Holiday apartments
  • Holiday homes and villas
Booking your holiday accommodation with Madeira Rural means you're make a reservation with an official organization on Madeira.
Their office desk is situated at the arrivals of Madeira Airport.

logo Madeira Rural  
Piso 0 - Chegadas - Aeroporto da Madeira
9100-105 Santa Cruz
Madeira - Portugal
Tel. (+351) 291 520868

Keep in mind that there are 2 types of holiday homes and villas.
Either you rent a room and share other facilities with other tourists,
either you rent an integral holiday villa could be part of a Quinta, a domain that consists of several holiday homes.

Often you enjoy extra facilities such as for exemple breakfast service, daily cleaning service,...

Update 03/02/2014 : WARNING about the agency Madeira Rural !

Madeira Rural turns out to be an unreliable partner for me. Is there a risk of financial problems ? Is there another Strawberry World alike debacle at stake ? (For the ignorant, in 2012/2013, the agency Strawberry World got into financial crisis, went broke, but kept their sites active for hotel reservations, car rentals etc. Several tourists got scammed by that agency.)

Why this warning ?
on the 15th of June 2011, Madeira Rural requested to put their Website and Madeira holiday homes in the spotlight. In return they offered us a commission for every booking made by a referred visitor. As soon as there was a due amount of 100 euro, they would pay it in the next month.
The holiday homes looked good and as a matter of fact, even in 2002 we already resided in one of the villas that are offered on their site. (The house was Casa das Proteas near Sao Jorge which we booked through a domestic travel agency.) Eventhough the commission looked attractive, we decided to check some of the other holiday homes during our next trip to Madeira. The houses looked okay from the outside and the surroundings were sometimes stunning. That, together with their office at the airport, convinced us to give Madeira Rural some visibility through our site. After all, the purpose of this site,, is to give the best possible tips and advice for travelling to Madeira.

On June the 2nd, 2012, nearly a whole year after presenting Madeira Rural on our site, and considering the number of page views according to our site statistics, we found it weird that there had not been any commissions, so we asked the representative of Madeira Rural for more information.
It turned out we earned 456,46 euro. But why was there no payment ?
Surprisingly, for some reason they could not pay this (imho small) amount immediately and proposed to spread it over a couple of months. Ok, that time, the payments were received as agreed. They were 9 months late, but ok, everyone can make a mistake.
Somehow in Januari 2013, we again had to ask about the outstanding commissions. Once again, the payment had to spread over a period of 3 months. Or so they promised... now, 1 year later, the amount for 2012 is not fully received... 3 months turns out to be a whole year and even longer.
For all reservations made throughout the year 2013, we also did not see any commission.
All emails concerning our earnings remain unanswered. Agreements are not fulfilled.
In December 2013, it appeared the Madeira Rural website was down for a few days. A short review learned us that they paid to late for the renewal of the domain name (Beware, the agency Madeira Rural runs several websites.)
How much does a domain name cost ? 25 Euro... 16 pounds ?
I can only conclude from all this that Madeira Rural has financial problems.
My conclusion does not need to be your conclusion... i'm only giving a chronology of the facts. Forewarned is forearmed...

My recommendation : Do not let your holiday get spoiled. If you are interested to stay in a holiday home on Madeira, then do NOT make any reservations through Madeira Rural.

Fortunately, now there is a very nice alternatives... continue reading below., worldwide known for their cheap hotel offers, now also presents Holiday homes on Madeira Island. A lot of the accommodations that used to feature on the site of Madeira Rural, are now included... and at the same rental rated (if not cheaper)!
Additional advantages : pay when you stay, free cancellation, instant confirmation, best rated available...

Here's a snippet of the over 30 available holiday homes on Madeira:
Belo Horizonte
Vivenda Belo Horizonte
Villa Joaninha
Casa da Capelinha
Casa da Capelinha
Quinta das
Quinta das Vinhas-casas
Casa d'Avó
Casa d'Avo Beatriz
Sao Lourenco
Quinta Sao Lourenco
Vila Opuntia
Charme hotel
do Retiro
Casa do Retiro
Check out all holiday homes and villas on Madeira by

Do you prefer renting a holiday home which is solely available for you and your company ?
This is possible !
These are some top accommodations :
Casa Joaninha (Santo da Serra)
Casa do Retiro (Holiday villa in Canhas, perfect choice for groups up to 10 persons)
vivenda Belo Horizonta (Canico, holiday villa with swimming pool)

Select your Madeira holiday rental from the many unique accommodations provided above. Check whether the house is entirely at your disposal or that it is a shared villa, and make your reservation with the guarantees of a respected travel partner.