Madeira photos - Encumeada

From Ribeira Brava at the south coast of Madeira, there is a road that leads over the Encumeada pass at a height of 1007 meter and further towards Sao Vicente in the North of the Island.
It is one of the most beautiful routes on Madeira and offers fantastic views on the mountains.
Most often you can see the clouds coming from the North and take their descent into the valleys? It is a nice play of mountains, valleys and clouds and a great opportunity to take some photos of a remarkable piece of nature.
Don't forget to stop at Residencial Encumeada to enjoy a (cheap) drink or to take some more pictures.
Encumeada is a perfect starting location for levada walks in what is also called "Madeira Interior". Therefor both Residencial Encumeada and Poussada dos Vinhaticos, that can be found a bit further down the road towards Serra de Agua, offer a perfect accommodation for hikers.
In our photo galleries about Madeira we have also some images of nature at Serra de Agua.

Residencial Encumeada Photo taken from the residencial Clouds make a descent into the valley
View on the valley Top view at Residencial Encumeada The descent from Paul da Serra
clouds at Encumeada View on Encumeada as seen from Ribeira Brava  

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