The Pico do Areeiro

With its peak of 1818 meter, the Pico do Areeiro is the 3th mountain of Madeira.
The top of the mountain is reached after a 6km long climb from Poiso (1413m). The curved road is one of the special stages during the yearly held Rally Vinho do Madeira.
On top of the Pico do Areeiro you'll get a fantastic mountain view with red, yellow and brown colours.
The views are usually better in the morning. You should know that the North slopes of the Pico do Arreiro are often covered with mist and clouds due to the presence of the laurel forest. The later in the afternoon, the more the air gets saturated and the more clouds are formed.

On top of the Pico, there is the former Pousada do Pico do Areeiro.
People used to spend the night here to enjoy the sunrise. It seems that sunrise in winter is a unique experience here, especially when the high peaks are covered by snow. Unfortunately we never had the opportunity to see this.
Unfortunately the pousada closed its hotel doors, but it still allows for a drink and a snack on the roof of Madeira.

Pico do Areeiro

Starting at the pousada the 6 km long walk to Pico ruivo begins. (Approx. 3 hours walking).
This is without doubt one of the most beautiful walking trails on Madeira. Due to the difference in heights (500m) and the narrow path we recommend this walk only to experienced walkers with no fear of heights.
This is not only a beautiful walk, it is also one of the most spectacular walking tours on Madeira. The walk leads through 5 tunnels, such as the 200m long tunnel through the mountain "Pico das Torres", and there are amazing views all the time and all around.

Less experienced walkers may decide to return at the Miradouro Ninho da Manta (Goshawks nest) which is reached after a walk of about 20 to 30 minutes on the same trail.

Useful information :

  • To make the walk from Pico do Areeiro to Pico Ruivo you should have a flashlight per person. Prepare for rain and sudden weather changes. A cab driver will gladly pick you up at the Pico Ruivo.
  • The Pico do Areeiro can be reached along nice two-lane roads from Funchal, Santana and from Santo da Serra.
  • The Pico do Areeiro is also worth visiting for non-walkers.

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