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Madeira Island travel guide

Welcome to our site about Madeira Island, a travel guide with holiday information given by a tourist and solely for the tourist.

If you are searching for a beach holiday, then you may get dissapointed, but if you're searching for untouched nature, walks through mountain scapes and green scenery, adventurous car trips and lots of variation, then Madeira is the place to be !
Travel to a place where a 20km drive will take you from sea level to mountain tops reaching 2000 meters and high above the clouds.
Let this Web site be your travel guide. We present : the beautiful Madeira Island !

Madeira Sea view

Funchal, Madeira weather forecast

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Those making an island tour will soon discover how every turn of the road will reveal a different scenery and sometimes also a different weather.
The sunny South with Funchal, capital of Madeira, attracts most tourists, but it would be such a shame if you forget to explore other parts of the Island.
Most hotels are situated in Funchal. The city is perfect for those in favour of sunny holidays at a swimming pool but Madeira has so much more to offer:

  • The coast road in the North of the Island will take you along idyllic places such as Sao Vicente and Porto Moniz.
  • In the middle of the Island, also called "Madeira Interior", you will find the highest mountain tops of Pico Ruivo (1862m) and Pico do Areeiro (1818m).
  • You'll find yourself surrounded by mountains while the sea side remains at close distance, filling you with a unique feeling that can be experienced the most during a Madeira Island tour.
  • Explore breathtaking nature at Curral das Freiras (Nun's Valley), Balcoes and Paul da Serra.
  • Visit the many gardens, walk or drive between botanical beauty and find out why Madeira is called "The Subtropical Flower Island"

On this web site we cover the most beautiful places and things to see, illustrated with many photos of Madeira.
Let us suggest an 11-day Island tour, packed with hotel reviews, restaurant suggestions and information about food and drink. Using this travel guide you don't have to miss a single thing on your next Madeira holidays.

Several years ago, my husband and I decided to travel to Madeira for the very first time. Back then we booked our holiday at the travel agency".
It was only later that we found out that our trip could have been cheaper and better.
Nowadays we book our Madeira hotels and the car hire online. This allows us to enjoy a stylish Madeira holiday with great value for money !
We decided to share our experience in this Madeira travel guide, a Web site with honest information given by a tourist and solely for the tourist.

Overview of one of our preferred Madeira Island tours

Day 1 :Arrival at Funchal International Airport (Santa Cruz), pick up of the car at the car hire agency
and short drive to the hotel in Canico de Baixo.
Day 2 :Visit Funchal and Monte.
Day 3 :Tour Canico - Curral das Freiras - Camara de Lobos - Canico.
Day 4 :From Canico to Garajau, Cabo Girao, Ribeira Brava and further towards Poussada dos Vinhaticos.
Day 5 :Visit to Sao Vicente over Encumeada.
Day 6 :From Poussada dos Vinhaticos over Calheta and Ponta do Pargo towards Porto Moniz.
Day 7 :Round tour Porto Moniz - Paul da Serra - Encumeada - Porto Moniz.
Day 8 :From Porto Moniz towards Ponta Delgada and nach Pico Ruivo.
Day 9 :Trip from Ponta Delgada towards Balcoes and Pico Areeiro.
Day 10 :From Ponta Delgada over Santana towards Santo da Serra and Camacha.
Day 11 :From Santo da Serra to Canical and Sao Lourenco, and back to the airport in Funchal.
Click here for a full description of this Madeira Island tour.

To this Madeira travel guide i have added a chapter about Porto Santo. This small island that is also part of the Madeira Archipelago is rapidly becoming a majour holiday destination.
Porto Santo can be visited in a one day mini cruise with departure and arrival in Funchal, or you can extend your stay in Madeira with a short holiday in one of the beach resorts on the island.


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