Photos of Paul da Serra and Rabacal, Madeira

The area, the highest and largest plateau on Madeira is also a popular hiking destination.
The following photos give an overview of a car trip along the route.

From Achada da Cruz to Rabacal

The laurel forest in the North Fonte da Pedra (1022m) Cows at Remal (1320m)
Rabacal lays in the green valley The road towards Rabacal (1022m) The only inhibitans in this area

Photos of the Jungle Rain Cafe

The Jungle Rain Cafe is the only hotel-restaurant along the route. The restaurant is decorated like a real jungle. The animated dolls include apes, snakes, lions and elephant. They are are attraction for both children and adults.
The menu includes not only snacks eg. hamburger or spaghetti, but also main courses such as wild rabbit.

The Jungle Rain Cafe The colourful decoration King of the jungle
The decoration consists of wild animals such as apes, lions, elephants and snakes.
From time to time a tropical thunderstorm breakes loose.

The Paul da Serra Plateau(1500m)

Wind mills Bica da Cana (1620m) View upon Encumeada
Ribeira Brava in the distance Near Lombo do Mouro Mountain tops and valleys
The beautiful descent towards Encumeada

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