Photos from Ponta Delgada towards Santana and Machico

In the North East part of Madeira we're still following the coast road.
These photos give an overview of the coast line starting at Ponta Delgada and Boaventura and further to the East towards Machico. On the road one passes places such as Arco de Sao Jorge, Cabanas, Sao Jorge, Santana, Faial and Porto da Cruz.
Every turn of the road reveals a new view on the charming villages, the dramatic coast and the high mountains in the center of Madeira island.

Photos of Ponta Delgada, Boaventura and Arco de Sao Jorge

Ponta Delgada Photo taken at Monte Mar Palace Sao vicente from a distance
Boaventura Between Boaventura and
Arco de Sao Jorge
The holiday village of Cabanas
Photo of Quinta do Arco
in Arco de Sao Jorge
View point Cabanas  
At the view point of Cabanas
one gets an exceptional view
on the North coast of Maderira :

In front of the Photo you see Arco de Sao Jorge.
Ponta Delgada lays on the small promontory.
The view reaches all the way to Porto Moniz.

Potos of Santana

We have taken some photos of Santana because a site about Madeira should always include the typical houses.
These houses have become world famous. They attract many tourists and can be found on many post cards, but personally we found Santana not that much special.
Fortunately there was some kind of celebration upon arrival in village, which made the visit more interesting.

    A typical house
Grill with espetada The meat is grilled on a large stick  

From Faial towards Machico and Canical

Faial Machico The freeway (Via Rapida)
A church in machico
(richtung Canical)
Restaurant Tipico O Tunel
Chicken on a stick
(Espetada de Frango)

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